Art and Images


Art is something that makes us feel an emotion. We like to look at great art. Can a computer create art? Could a robot ever like a painting in the way we do. Questions like this get at what it is to be human. Computer Scientists are writing programs to try to answer them.

Programmers need to be creative just like artists so there is a lot to be said for doing both art and programming. What happens when artists learn some computer science and mix it with their art? We get new materials and new techniques – new ways of doing art.

Above all mixing art and computing is lots of fun.

Computing powers: creativity!

Blue Screen Robot, Painting

AARON, the robot painter


Georges Seurat and Pointillism


Colour-by-number Pixel Puzzles

Roman emperor with thumb up

Roman Tesserae

Grass Doodle Art

Algorithmic Doodle Art


Picture This

Computer Science and Craft