A Bit of CS4FN magazine: Issue 1

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Printable Versions of the Puzzles

Here are printable versions of the puzzles in this issue to download for easy printing photocopying.

The Roman Tesserae colour by number puzzle

Crack this: a code cracking puzzle with cribs!

Make a code wheel

The Programming Kriss-Kross

Solutions where available are given at the bottom of this page.

Online versions of the articles

History: The Victorians

AdaLovelaceCartoonAda Lovelace: Victorian Computing Wizard

Spies Like Us

Cartoon Animal Eyes Under Big StoneThe Poles Cracked it

Crack a code with a crib  …

Crack this

Make a code wheel

Computing and Art


Blue Screen Robot, Painting
Robot artists

Cartoon depicting a female Roman citizen
Roman tesserae Pixel Puzzle

Artificial Intelligence

ROBOT-DOG-iStock3403381Machines that learn

neuronBuilding brains like ours

Music and Machine Learning

MusicMonsterMachines Inventing Musical Instruments

Superhero Powers

Invisible ManInvisibility

 Logical Thinking

A Programming Kriss-Kross

If you enjoy Kriss-Kross you can get puzzle books full of them from any newsagent!


The Roman Tesserae colour by number puzzle: Solution

Crack this: a code cracking puzzle with cribs: Solution

The Programming Kriss-Kross: Solution

We are grateful for Queen Mary University of London for providing the seed funding to allow this issue to happen.