A bit of Computer Science for Fun

Computer Science is fun. Prepare yourself for the weird world of the future: where robots are our friends, where super-hero powers are for real, where reading minds is possible and where jewellery is clever, really clever.

Computing researchers don’t just watch science fiction, they make it happen!

When you find something fun, follow the links at the bottom for more factoids. Or click the cs4fn link to go deeper!

person reading a treasure map istock 5872289241
Puzzles →

Superheroes →

Cartoon Animal Eyes Under Big Stone
Spies →

Robots →

Cute RobotArtificial Intelligence →

History →

Roman emperor with thumb up
Ancient history →

Medics →

Exploding computer Digital disasters →

Computer Magician: iStock_000000428956Large
Magic →

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‘A Little Bit of cs4fn’ is by the cs4fn team at Queen Mary University of London.

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