A Bit of cs4fn magazine: Issue 3

abitofcs4fn3coverDownload a pdf of issue 3 of “A Bit of CS4FN” magazine from our download site. Schools can subscribe to get free copies for their students. You can also read the articles online below … And find solutions to the puzzles…

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Printable Versions of the Puzzles

Here are printable versions of the puzzles and activities in this issue to download for easy printing and photocopying.

Printable Origami Bunny Instructions

Can you crack our cipher and read this joke?

Solution to cipher joke

Online versions of the articles

Spies Like Us

Cartoon Animal Eyes Under Big Stone

Counting Letters for Fun

Computing and Art


Crafty computing


Picture This

Superhero Powers

Invisible Man

Iron Man Suits for Real



Sorry to bug you: Grace Hopper

Magic and Illusions

Computer Magician: iStock_000000428956Large

The CS4FN eye illusion

We are grateful to Queen Mary Centre for Public Engagement and the CAS Network of Excellence funded by the Department for Education for allow this issue to happen.