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abitofcs4fn1coverJune 2018
Issue 3 of A bit of cs4fn has now been sent out to subscribing schools.  Teachers: please sign up if you would like copies to give out to your students. We also still have copies of issue 1 from our second print run (and a few of Issue 2).

Please use the form below to sign your school up to receive FREE copies of the new pilot edition of cs4fn for primary schools.

You can download each issue from our download site [issue 1]  [Issue 2] [Issue 3]or read them online and download individual resources.

Once you’ve read or used the magazine(s) and any of the website resources please tell us what you thought of A bit of cs4fn (teachers) and we also have a readers’ survey for primary children (for which we have QMUL ethics approval, registration number QMERC2018/37). Please share this link with your students, but make sure they have permission to fill the survey in, thank you.