If you don’t have superhero powers, one way to get them  is through your engineering know-how.

Computer scientists have succeeded more than you might imagine: Ironman suits, reading people’s minds,  bat senses and more. All  possible.

Superhero powers: just engineered!


SUPERHEROiStock_000023556931SmallMind Reading

SUPERHEROiStock_000023556931SmallBat Senses

SUPERHEROiStock_000023556931SmallIron Man Suit

SUPERHEROiStock_000023556931SmallJedi Football

SUPERHEROiStock_000023556931SmallShape Changing

SUPERHEROiStock_000023556931SmallSuperhero Syllogisms

Invisible Man
Iron Man Suits for Real

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