Georges Seurat and Pointillism

georges_seurat_043The screens we use to look at digital images are made up of lots of individual elements called pixels. Whenever you look at a digital image you are actually looking at a picture made of lots of small squares of colour.

Long before digital cameras and digital images were invented, French artist Georges Seurat invented a new style of painting that involved painting with dots just like all our digital images are now. His new style was called pointillism.

The more dots the more accurate and detailed the image. We call this the image’s resolution. Some of Seurat’s painting are massive with lots and lots of dots so look very realistic but took him years to paint. Your camera does a similar thing instantly!

Fun to Do: Paint a Pixel Picture

Try painting your own pointillism pixel picture by painting the squares of a piece of squared paper different colours.

Computing powers: creativity!

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