Sequencing and Looping Puzzles

In these puzzles you must put the pictures in to the right order or right ‘sequence’. In some the sequence is in a cycle or loop – it goes on forever.

Programmers do a similar thing. They ‘sequence’ instructions: putting them in the right order to make a program work. Sequences are often placed in to ‘loops’, doing the same sequences of instructions over and over.

Sequences and loops occur in nature too. Lifecycles, for example, are sequences of events happening in a loop. These puzzles are based on sequences and loops in the real world.

If you were programming a cartoon about the life cycle of frogs, for example, you’d need to code the same looping sequence as in our frog puzzle. The ‘flow chart’ version of the puzzle might correspond to the storyboard design created to help you code the actual program.


frog lifecycle cards

The lifecycle of a frog sequencing puzzle