Phonics Kriss-Kross

Practice thinking logically with these Phonics Kriss-Kross puzzles

You must fit all the words into the grid.

These puzzles were created by Paul and Daniel Curzon

cat-308737cat hat sat

day-train-snake Kriss-Kross

sheep-tea-158275sheep tea Kriss-Kross

glue-306757glue poo chew Kriss-Kross

owl-158414bird nurse water Kriss-Kross

building-blocks-2026061boil toy Kriss-Kross

Kitebright, kite, fly Kriss-Kross

blow, toast, nose Kriss-Kross

mouse, house Kriss-Kross

cow out Kriss-Kross

kriss-kross1-minbeastsv2More Kriss-Kross puzzles

cartoon character reading a treasure map

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