Kriss-Kross Puzzles

Practice thinking logically with these Kriss-Kross puzzle.

You must fit all the words into the grid.kriss-kross1-minbeastsv2


If there is only one word of a given length there is only one place it can go.

Count the letters in any word you know a letter for. Then see which unused word of that length fits.

CS powers: logical thinking!

BeeMinibeast Kriss-Kross

Funny Monster. Coder.Programming Kriss-Kross

cat-308737cat sat hat Kriss-Kross

snail-160313day-train-snake Kriss-Kross

sheep-tea-158275sheep tea Kriss-Kross
by Daniel

glue-306757glue poo chew Kriss-Kross (easier) by Daniel

owl-158414bird nurse water Kriss-Kross (easier) by Daniel

building-blocks-2026061boil toy Kriss-Kross (easier) by Daniel