Robot surgeons

Can you imagine having a robot cut you open? It sounds scary, but robots might be better at doing surgery than humans.

Point your finger at something and try to focus on the tip. It’s hard to stop your finger shaking a little. Doctors try very hard to stay calm, but their hands still shake a little.

Robots are already used to perform surgery in some hospitals controlled by a surgeon. Their hands don’t shake like human hands do. They also don’t get distracted and they don’t forget where their tools are, or accidentally leave them in the patient.

The advantage of a human doing surgery is that they will have a better sense of touch and so feel of the area they are operating on. They can also react to emergencies when a robot might not know what to do.

The good news is that computer scientists are creating computers that experience things the way surgeons do, like the feel of cutting through flesh compared to cutting through bone. This way, even when a surgeon is using a robot to carry out surgery, they’ll still be able feel what’s going on inside the patient.

Tell the doctor… robots don’t have shaky hands

Robot doctor

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