Algorithmic Doodle Art: Grass

Follow simple algorithms and draw pictures reminiscent of nature. Play with the ideas behind cinema and game CGI (computer-generated images). In this puzzle you draw grass.

Landscapes in films are often computer generated. Ever wondered how they do it? Next time you find yourself doodling, draw an algorithmic doodle and explore algorithms for drawing nature. Here is an example Doodle Algorithm of a kind of grass.

1. Start by drawing a single straight vertical line (as below)

2. DoodleDraw from that line as follows.

To DoodleDraw from a given line:

1. Draw 3 shorter lines at an angle in the top two-thirds of the line on its left side.

2. Draw 3 shorter lines at an angle in the top two-thirds of the line on its right side.

3. Choose a new existing line and DoodleDraw from that line.


As you choose the exact positions and lengths of lines randomly you will get a slightly different picture just as no two plants are identical. Different algorithms give different looking trees, grasses, ferns, snowflakes, crystals.

Download a printable copy of this activity

Download a printable solution

Try some of our other Doodle Art, then start inventing your own doodle art algorithms and see how realistic the drawings you end up with are.

CS powers: algorithmic creativity!

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