All, one, Syllogism

For example, if we know facts 1 and 2 below (where you can swap in anything for X, Y and Z) then we can create a new fact.


So let’s replace X with the word superheroes, Y with fight crime and Z with Ghost Girl. If we put them in to the picture above we get


Notice how you use the plurals in Fact 1 and singular words in the other facts to make the English work.

As long as the facts are true the conclusion follows, though if the facts are not true then nothing is really known.

The following logic is good but something has gone wrong because the conclusion is not true. The superhero called the Angel does not actually have any superpowers! The Angel just wears a flying suit! Can you work out what has gone wrong?

1. ALL superheroes … have superpowers.

2. The Angel is a superhero.

Therefore we can conclude from these facts alone that:

3.The Angel has superpowers.

Explanation of what went wrong

Fun to Do: Invent a silly syllogism

Take the pattern of the above syllogisms and invent your own. Just substitute your own words, but keeping the pattern.

Download a printable version of Puzzles 1-3

Download a printable solution of Puzzles 1 -3

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