The word exoskeleton comes from animals that have a skeleton outside their body rather than inside like us. Shells are one kind of exoskeleton. Insects like beetles have exoskeletons. So do crabs, scorpions, snails and clams. Tortoises have both an internal skeleton and an exoskeleton. The difference to the ones humans make is our robot exoskeletons are powered, and controlled
by computers.

Fun to do: What other animals have exoskeletons?

Make a list of animals who have an exoskeleton

What could you use that for?
Possible uses of exoskeletons include helping people who have problems moving about to walk and helping nurses lift patients in and out of bed. They are used by expert doctors to do operations when they are in a different place from the patient, by rescue workers working in dangerous situations and to help astronauts exercise in space.

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