Invisibility with screens

How might you make yourself invisible?

INVISIBLE-MAN-iStock92711072One way is to cover yourself in tiny screens and use cameras to film what is behind you.

You record the light pattern arriving from behind and display it in front. The person sees what is behind you on the screens, not you. This has been made to work! Japanese researchers made an actual coat that worked like this. Well, just about.


It’s not quite perfect round the edges and if you move quickly it can’t keep up. But, hey, we are getting there.

An invisible tank

It has also been used as a way to hide tanks from Snipers using infrared night sights. When it is dark, there is no light to light up a tank, but infrared gives a way to see warm objects in the dark from the heat they give off. The tank is covered in tiny screens. They  show the infrared from the other side of the tank, picked up by infrared cameras. The tank is then invisible to anyone looking through night sights.

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