Bacon’s Cipher

baconcodeHere is Bacon’s cipher. In Elizabethan English there were only 24 letters in the alphabet. I and J, and U and V were treated as the same letters. Firstly swap each letter of your secret message for the special code using Bacon’s Ciphertext on the right.                                                    Then using the second part of the code, for an ‘a’ write the first letter of the next word of your nursery rhyme as a capital letter, and for a ‘b’  write it as a lower-case letter. You can then hide your original message without anyone else noticing anything strange.

Message that matters: encrypt it AND hide it!

Fun to do: Invent your own way to hide messages

Bacon came up with other ways to hide his a’s and b’s, like writing letters with curls or no curls. Can you come up with two ways to write each letter?

Cartoon Animal Eyes Under Big StoneOur Bacon encryption program in Scratch

Cartoon Animal Eyes Under Big Stone
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