Invisible Palming

Computing is all about algorithms and magic is too. Discover what the link is all about while learning this simple magic trick, where you magically move a card from one pile to another by palming it invisibly!

The Trick

Your volunteer puts their hands on the table, fingers spread as though playing a piano. With everyone chanting the magic words “Two cards make a pair”, you place a pair of cards between each of pair of fingers/thumb. You put a final, extra card, between the last finger and thumb.

Then you start to take the pairs of cards back. You take the first pair and start 2 piles with them. One card from each pair after that goes on each pile neatly. All the time, everyone chants “Two cards make a pair”.

Finally, you get to that final extra card. Let the volunteer decide which pile to put it on. Pointing out that that pile has the extra card, you now say you will invisibly move the extra card from one pile to the other.

Roll up your sleeves. Place your hand over the pile with the extra card. Rub the back of your hand. Explain the extra card is now invisible and stuck to the palm of your hand. Show everyone it is there (but invisible)! Place your hand on the other pile and tap the back of your hand, “to make it drop”. Announce that the extra card has now moved piles.

Pick up the first pile and count out the cards in pairs on to a new pile on the table, showing everyone you are putting down two cards and saying “Two cards make a pair” with each pair you place on the table. All the pairs are placed on the table and the extra card has gone!

Has it moved to the other pile? Count out the cards in pairs from that pile in the same way. Amazingly, there is an extra card left at the end. You have magically moved the extra card from one pile to the other!

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Computer Magician: iStock_000000428956Large
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