CS4FN at the Festivals

CS4FN at the Festival of Communities 2022

CS4FN will have a stall and a workshop on the Saturday only, at Stepney Green Park (Redman Road entrance) but there is also an event on Sunday 12th June at QMUL’s Mile End campus, opposite Sainsbury’s. More about QMUL’s Festival of Communities.

  • 1. A Magic Show (workshop marquee)
  • 2. Things to colour in (stall)
    • Hatagon cyborg hats
    • Pixel puzzles
    • Colour in a computer zine
  • 3. Some magic and illusions
  • 4. CS4FN magazines and booklets
  • 5. For teachers, librarians and parents / guardians
  • 6. Other festivals where we’ve had a stall

We hope you’ve enjoyed QMUL’s Festival of Communities today. Here you’ll find copies of things you can download.

What can you see on the @cs4fn stall & workshop?

1. A magic show
(12pm, Sat 11th June, QMUL Workshop Marquee, Stepney Green Park)

The Magic of Computer Science
When you learn magic you are also learning how to think like a computer scientist! In this show, we will teach you some magic tricks, challenging you to work out how they are done. This fun family workshop will show how magic is linked to computer science and how magicians and computer scientists actually think alike.

2. Things to colour in (stall)

2a. Hatagon cyborg hats – new and improved for 2022!
The half human, half computer cyborg brain hat

You can download and print your own hatagon (we have versions for A3 printers only at the moment, going to try and re-make for A4 printers)  then colour in, cut out and assemble with glue or tape. Have a look at some prototype finished hatagons in the pictures taken on our stall.

CS4FN's cyborg hat aka the 'hatagon'. An A3 planform for a colour and cut-out hat for children. One half is computer-themed, the other half is human brain-themed.

New and improved hatagon for 2022!

There’s a bit more information and links about brains at our page for teachers (but anyone can have a look!).


2b. Pixel Puzzles

You can print out (or do on a computer if you don’t have a printer) a range of our pixel puzzles. These can be a fun way to introduce the concepts of pixels and of compression.

A composite image showing squared paper coloured in to form a symmetrical beetle. On the right are the instructions but only one half of the instrucions are given because the colourer in can 'unzip' the programme and work out how to map the instructions to the blank half.

2c. Colour in a computer zine

Colour in a Computer – zine



3. Some magic and illusions (stall)

Did you see the Ouchi eye illusion? Or count the Teleporting Robots?

A graphic of an eye with both pupil and iris formed from a chequer-board pattern in different orientations. This produces a visual effect, an illusion of movement.

A cartoon picture of an eye, made with black and white lines which create an illusion of movement

Teleporting Robot

Image shows an animated gif with robots teleporting.



4. CS4FN magazines and booklets

All of our publications including magazines and booklets can be downloaded free as PDFs from this website. You can even learn some magic tricks – and how magic is linked to computer science – from our magic books.

We’ll also bring with us some copies of our magazines and booklets to take away, including our most recent issue 27: Smart Health and for even younger readers, A Bit of CS4FN.

We’ll have another issue of the CS4FN magazine coming soon (issue 28), make sure your teacher / school is signed up to receive copies – they’re FREE! ⬇️ (see 5 below)


5. For Teachers, Librarians and Parents / Guardians

School teachers and librarians can sign up to receive class copies (or a single copy for the library) of our magazines, absolutely free 🙂

Parents and guardians – please tell your child’s teacher about our free resources and help yourself to PDF copies from the link in (4).


6. Other festivals where we’ve had a stall

  • Festival of Communities – QMUL, 2019
  • CS4FN at the Falkirk Science Festival, Grangemouth 2022 – we were remembering our colleague, computer scientist and magician Prof Peter McOwan (who died in 2019 and was from Grangemouth), so we brought copies of our issue of CS4FN which celebrated his life – issue 26: Peter W McOwan, Serious Fun.
  • Festival of Communities – QMUL, 2022

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